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External Consultant for
Business Analysis and
Business Process Development


Solving Personal Short and
Protracted Tasks
Global Reachable - 24/7

Data Recovery

HDD, SSD, SD-Cards
Storage, Databases, Application Data
Professional Data Recovery

IP Video Surveillance - IPVS

Reliable high-performance
Hot Standby Recording Servers
Video Storage Monitoring

Vehicle Tracking System - VTS

Visibility, Control of Mobile Assets
Manage your Fleet Operations
Boosting Driving Productivity

Proture Intelligent Call Management Services (ICMS)

gives you a full bunch of options to manage your telephone calls and your perceived presence in the public.

is a hosted PBX. It perfectly adapts to all your needs, and suits individuals as well as companies of any size. It enables you to dynamically manage call diversion, follow-­‐me, advanced call queuing and intelligent voice mailboxes.

ICMS can automatically switch ring modes and call diversion routes depending on the time of day, day of week and even considers your schedule.

If you are out of the office, ICMS will let your calls follow you on your mobile. An app lets your mobile phone act like any other extension of your PBX.

If you are not available, or if you choose to activate your do-­‐not-­‐ disturb feature, ICMS will let your callers record a voice message.

You will receive any voice messages as audio files in your email inbox, making it very convenient to listen and archive.

Intelligent call queues welcome your callers with an individual pre-­‐recorded message.

While the calls will be forwarded to your office, your agent(s) or your mobile phone(s), the callers will listen to your latest news, adverts, or nice music. Callers will be announced their position and anticipated waiting time in the queue from time to time.

ICMS can manage many queues for you, e.g. for your sales, customer support, info hotline, and many more.