Business Consulting

External Consultant for
Business Analysis and
Business Process Development


Solving Personal Short and
Protracted Tasks
Global Reachable - 24/7

Data Recovery

HDD, SSD, SD-Cards
Storage, Databases, Application Data
Professional Data Recovery

IP Video Surveillance - IPVS

Reliable high-performance
Hot Standby Recording Servers
Video Storage Monitoring

Vehicle Tracking System - VTS

Visibility, Control of Mobile Assets
Manage your Fleet Operations
Boosting Driving Productivity

Proture Hosted Sales and Support Hotline Service (HSSHS)

is a fully automated telecommunication system operating all types of service hotlines.

perfectly adapts to all your needs and suits companies of any size. It enables you to offer professional support and telephone service to all your callers and customers.

answers your customer’s call with your individual pre-­‐defined message.

calls your agents on-­‐duty in a round-­‐ robin scheme.

will ask the customer to leave a message and e.g. the supervisor will immediately be alert by SMS.

directly. All calls can be recorded to enable you to constantly monitor service quality and customer satisfaction.

is provided as a Platform as a Service.

It is a complete no-­‐hassle turn-­‐key system hosted in Proture’s own highly secured private cloud.

No installation or any on-­‐premises modifications to your telephone or IT systems are necessary. You can be up and running in minutes.

The web-­‐based control panel offers easy agent management.

Technicians can be set on/off duty by a simple mouse click.

All calls are shown with their details in a comprehensive call detail log.

Sound recordings can easily be accessed and listened to on the control panel