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Proture Calling Card Platform (CCP)

With over 10 years experience Proture’s Calling Card Platform (CCP) has been developed and designed to sport maximum flexibility and customisation of price lists for end customers as well as ease of use of it’s web-­‐based administration portal for customer care.

CCP is hosted on Proture’s own high availability private cloud (HAPC). It’s design for scalability allows it to easily grow with your needs. It handles calls from telephone networks as well as Voice over IP, and supports physical and electronical calling cards together with electronic accounts.

The telephone announcement recordings currently are available in English, German, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish and Serbo-­‐Croatian. Additional languages can easily be added.

With CCP’s easy to use web-­‐based control panel you can maintain the system, answer customer inquiries and administer your calling cards and accounts.

Generating new batches of cards is as simple as a few mouse clicks. All data and reports can be downloaded as Spreadsheet files.

In reporting you can query card balances, calls per card, an active card summary, DDI summaries and CLI details. All reports can be parameterised by date and time.

Contract maintainance forms the basis for call billing. Calling cards and electronic accounts are bundled in batches and assigned to contracts. They hold all relevant information as name, description, lifetime and have pricelists assigned.

This enables you to sell cards with different names and unified price lists, as well as cards having the same price list but different life times. Also, a batch can be assigned to a different price list with a simple mouse click. Contracts can hold an unlimited number of card batches, each configured for different resellers, pricelists, and lifetimes. After a card or electronic account has reached the end of its life time it is automatically invalidated.