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Data Recovery, Protection and Security

Proture has a partner team of experts of highly qualified data rescue engineers and has a dedicated research department in which new storage media, systems and file formats are continuously reverse-engineered and analysed. This is one of the conditions to be prepared for your case at all times!

  • Mechanical hard disks - Replacement of write/read heads, repair of surface damage, replacement of defective hard disk bearings, transplant of entire magnetic disk stacks, repair of electronic faults, correction of firmware errors
  • SSDs and other flash memory media (USB flash drives, Compact Flash)
  • The repair of electronic errors in controllers, unsoldering of individual memory chips (also in the case of a sandwich construction) and the reading out of the content and the formation of valid user data (keyword wear levelling)
  • Optical media - Reading out in the case of defects (e.g. scratches, exposure to sunlight)
  • Tapes - Reconstruction in the case of mechanical defects of tapes (e.g. breaks, wrinkles, misalignments)
  • Diskette, floppy disk - Reconstruction of mechanically defective diskettes or floppy disks
  • All types of defective proprietary storage media.
  • Reconstruction of logically destroyed RAID systems
  • Data rescue of defective virtual servers
  • Data rescue of damaged logical volume managers (LVM)
  • Reconstruction of defective file systems
  • Recovery of individual files or documents
  • Rescue of defective databases

Proture processes data rescue cases of police and courts, hospitals, health insurance companies and tax inspectors. The data of both global corporations as well private individuals are highly sensitive.