Business Consulting

External Consultant for
Business Analysis and
Business Process Development


Solving Personal Short and
Protracted Tasks
Global Reachable - 24/7

Data Recovery

HDD, SSD, SD-Cards
Storage, Databases, Application Data
Professional Data Recovery

IP Video Surveillance - IPVS

Reliable high-performance
Hot Standby Recording Servers
Video Storage Monitoring

Vehicle Tracking System - VTS

Visibility, Control of Mobile Assets
Manage your Fleet Operations
Boosting Driving Productivity

Proture Vehicle Tracking System (VTS)

Fleet Management – Vehicle Tracking Systems

is a web-based vehicle tracking system provides visibility and control over mobile assets.

Designed to be intuitive and simple-to-use, our solution enables businesses to better manage their fleet operation and deliver real benefits by driving down costs, boosting productivity and improving customer service.

Proture´s VTS Online encompasses the key features of fleet management for any vehicle type in any business sector. As a result, our vehicle tracking devices  are  suitable for car, van, coach and commercial vehicle fleets of all sizes, providing immediate operational benefits and financial returns.