Business Consulting

External Consultant for
Business Analysis and
Business Process Development


Solving Personal Short and
Protracted Tasks
Global Reachable - 24/7

Data Recovery

HDD, SSD, SD-Cards
Storage, Databases, Application Data
Professional Data Recovery

IP Video Surveillance - IPVS

Reliable high-performance
Hot Standby Recording Servers
Video Storage Monitoring

Vehicle Tracking System - VTS

Visibility, Control of Mobile Assets
Manage your Fleet Operations
Boosting Driving Productivity

Proture IP Video Surveillance (IPVS)

 Reliable high-performance surveillance software

 Hot standby Recording Servers:

   Maintan video viewing and recording capaabilities with minimal interruption and video loss

    in the event of network problems, server failure, loss of power or any other system problem.

  Storage with flexible retrieval: 

   A redundancy option that ensures continuous recording of audio and video.

   Recordings can be retrieved from camera storage based on time schedules and events

  Video storage monitoring:

   Easily detect deviations from defined storage policies in situations where video data

   is overwritten prematurely due to insufficient physical storage  


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